From the cradle of Scandinavia emerges Mic Ryan, who has been involved in a wide assortment of bass and experimental music since 2006, crafting emotive atmospheres that linger and echo. Mic Ryan has his own monthly release of “Lost Dubs Of Denmark” which is a underground exhibition of Danish dubstep producers and is also the creator and resident dj of the bass events in South Denmark called “Død Frekvens”. His latest release, ‘Perceptions’ and ‘Reflections’, feature sordid and thought provoking soundscapes reminiscent of dub techno, holding true to the experimental schema. Thus, it is with indubitable pleasure that we welcome this worthy addition to the Undersky family!



A murmur of synths congregates in unison with an ephemeral whooshing sound that introduces the stripped down bass and drum pattern, ascribing a minimal vibe to the track. Towards the middle of the track, a veil of mystical pads is added and the bass grows in intensity, only to fade out once again, typifying the manner in which the track seems to undulate between high and low intensity. Overall, ‘Perceptions’ makes for a tranquil experience, transporting the listener into a sea of placidity.




‘Reflections’ explores a similar vein with dub techno reminiscent synths and pads in play. Both tracks have a pronounced emphasis on minimalism, which allows the arrangement to breathe and enables the listener to fully absorb the various nuances inherent in the subtle synths and pads. Once the peak of the track has been reached, different melodies interweave each other to create a peaceful yet apprehensive sonic environment, which goes to show the versatility that Mic Ryan is able to employ.

by Jason Nikolaidis